Return on Investment (Investing in Jesus lasts forever!)I

I spent 11 years of my life working in back office operations in several mutual fund and investment management firms (one of my former employers now manages over a trillion dollars in pension assets). My job wasn’t particularly glamorous - I did a lot of the “behind the scenes” stuff that needed to happen to keep things running smoothly. At one time my job involved determining the free cash levels our various fixed income portfolios, and then giving our portfolio managers instructions on where to move the cash. Looking back I have to chuckle; with a few clicks of a mouse and keyboard I made literally hundreds of millions of dollars move around various accounts, but back then to me it was all just numbers on a screen that really meant nothing. I mean I couldn’t touch any of it (although at times I dreamed of concocting some scheme to transfer a bunch of money to my personal account)!

When Jesus was here on earth he talked about many things; one of the things he talked about most was money - our love of money, how it can corrupt and destroy, and how we can invest in things that will last for eternity. That’s the topic of today’s devotional from Our Daily Bread; titled “Return on Investment,” the author compares the uncertainty of our worldly investments (in 1995 the stock market rose 37.6%; 13 years later in 2008 the markets dropped 37% - right after I’d just started working for an investment management company in Seattle!) to the confidence we can have when we invest our time and treasure in the things of Jesus.

I loved the main point the author makes:

We don’t have to be concerned about the “interest rate” on our spiritual investment—with God, it’s an unmatched certainty. With money, our aim is to maximize the financial gain from our investment. With God, what we get back isn’t measured in dollars and cents, but in the joy that comes from knowing Him now and forever—and sharing that joy with others!

One of my best friends works for a local Edward Jones branch; stop by his office and he’ll tell you there are no guarantees when it comes to investing in this world. Not so with Jesus; invest in his Kingdom and the reward will last for eternity - now that’s a risk worth taking!