The Best Day Ever

The Best Day Ever

A little while and the wicked will be no more; though you look for them, they will not be found. Psalm 37:10

Can you imagine a day when no more wicked can be seen or felt? A day when we open our eyes and all that we recognize is the goodness of God completed in our midst. Even if we would try to hunt down evil, we could not find any because God’s love is permeating all around us.

Even though we are not quite there yet, we can place our hope in eternity by keeping one foot there. It's not a morbid thing to see into eternity and be filled with the expectation of what is coming just as David did during the evil surrounding him.

Occasionally, we can lose focus because evil has captivated our attention. We can find ourselves becoming filled with fear of the future because wicked seems to be advancing. But remember, the time of the enemy and wickedness are very limited and there will come a day when they will be removed from deadly influence. In a little while, wicked will be no more, so stay focused, there is so much more to come! Can’t imagine any greater day.

Today in the Workplace

What do you imagine when you see a day with no evil?