Breaktime: Always Generous

They are always generous and lend freely; their children will be a blessing. Psalm 37:26

When we are blessed, we become generous in giving. The motive behind our giving is we realize how much we have received. We no longer want to hold tightly but open our hands and allow generosity because of our nature.

We may have to overcome stinginess and the exercise to assist with this is giving. There is no easy way other than letting go of the tight grip. God is the one who pries open our heart to gratitude by revealing His love. Once His blessings begin to flow through our heart, the kindness exudes out of us. The melting of the heart is what God does through His compassion, filling and touching us.

There is nothing God has held back from us for He has given all! He even sent His one and Only Son Jesus, God spared nothing. The value of our relationship with the Lord was His Son. Think about the generosity shown to us, what could we possibly be holding onto? Notice David says they are always generous, even in our need we can be giving.

Today in the Workplace

Are you holding onto anything?