Keep from Falling

Keep from Falling

though he may stumble, he will not fall, for the Lord upholds him with his hand. Psalm 37:24

When we step out sometimes our feet may become a little wobbly. We may be unsure of the steps and begin to look around instead of keeping our eyes on the Father. When we begin to see with eyes of fear, we may begin to sink or even fall. However, this is where the Father holds His hand out to us.

This may sound so simple but often we may need to fight our self-sufficiency to take His hand. Why would we wait to take His hand−could it be our stubborn heart insisting we can do it? We don’t really like to be needy people so often we would rather do it all on our own. However, all too soon we find we can’t make it by ourselves but often we must be taken there before we realize our need.

We make walking with God harder than it needs to be but if we could realize the daily hand God has for our life, it would be so much easier. If we stumble, we don’t need to worry or fret for we have the hand of God there holding us up. But, are we looking for His hand or are we trying to keep ourselves from falling through our own strength?

Today in the Workplace

Are you stumbling, take His hand?