Taking the Next Step

The Lord makes firm the steps of the one who delights in him; Psalm 37:23

Don’t we all love watching a baby take their first steps? They are usually encouraged by a loving parent holding their hands out anticipating their first steps. The baby takes a look at the hands and looks deep into their parents’ eyes and wonders if they can make it. The first step is normally the hardest for all of us.

However, just like a child, trusting in the hands before them, God is waiting for us. We, just like a child, look into His eyes and wonder, can we make it. Can we trust the hands- will they keep us from falling, if we start to fall will they catch us? The steps ahead are firm when our heart is seeking God yet sometimes, God is asking us to take the next step but we hesitate and become fearful.

When we try it alone is when we find the steps ahead difficult to take. We often fall because we are walking in a direction where the Father's hands aren’t leading. This place is where we find our joy often fading and stress invades, if we find ourselves there, we can find help. Be the one who takes the steps to the arms of the Father’s reaching out because He will make our steps firm.

Today in the Workplace

What’s your next step?