God's Generosity

God’s Generosity

The wicked borrow and do not repay, but the righteous give generously; Psalm 37:21

We can give because our Father has unlimited resources and we can walk through life with an abundance mentality because our Father has all we need. Generous people realize nothing has a hold on them or own’s them because they can easily let go of things. When we experience the generosity of Jesus Christ, then our heart doesn’t hold on to things, it lets go.

However, this is a process and often it takes a lifetime of letting go until we are not holding onto things for meaning or purpose, but they can easily be given up. We live in a consumerism world which has been brainwashed with the thought that the one with the most toys wins. But the rest of the story may go something like this, they may have the most toys but a lost soul. We can become so attached to things that we soon lose focus on being. We can be overcome with a consumer mindset that we begin to believe the lie.

However, there is a way out, experiencing the generous heart of God puts it all in perspective. Giving away what God has given can become our nature because His nature is in us. He puts His generosity within us, and it flows from us, yet sometimes it becomes difficult when we have amnesia that it is all His anyway. When can recognize a generous person by the heart of giving, their story would tell us what God has given?

Today in the Workplace

How have you experienced God’s generosity?

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