Being Powerful

Being Powerful

for the power of the wicked will be broken, but the Lord upholds the righteous. Psalm 37:17

The need for power is another vice that many turn toward to find self-worth. To try and keep a healthy status, many have bought into the surge for power and we may not even be wicked in our approach to obtaining power, but the drive could be still the aim−to gain worth. We all want to leave a mark on this world and gaining power may fulfill this hunger.

However, we soon find power may give us control over people and movements but if not kept in the right perspective, it too may begin to control us. The voice of power may begin to wake us up strategizing our next move to gain more. We become more concerned about power than people and we may even use people as a game to gain more power. If this has happened in our heart, we have bought into another lie. The lie says, in order to be successful in life we must gain power no matter how it's achieved.

There is a way out− realizing the lie is the first step. Even in the church, this lie has been bought and the power has been broken by God. We know what the motive of our heart is saying as we read this, and we know what drives our ego to find personal achievement. When we buy the lie, we live less than what God has ever intended. There is so much more to be gained when we let go of our drive and rest in the Spirit. The journey He provides will help us first achieve success in our heart, then we realize no amount of power can ever identify who we are. We no longer must strive to find fulfillment because we already have everything we need. What a comfort to know the Spirit is ready to provide all we long for and we can finally let go of striving. Jesus was the most influential man who ever lived and yet he didn’t have the need for power, only the power of a cross.

Today in the Workplace

Have you bought the lie of power?