The Need For More

The Need for More

Better the little that the righteous have than the wealth of many wicked; Psalm 37:16

When we can let go of consumerism, we may find more than we were looking for. The constant need of having more is all around us; commercials, social media ads or billboards yes everywhere we look there is a reminder of what we should have. The temptation faces all of us to have more wealth, bigger homes or more things to find some sort of euphoria. Or it could be to simply fill the ego with more reasons to shout its praises.

It is very interesting to find that even when wealth is obtained, and the ego is fed with what it can consume −there is still an emptiness. The temporary pleasures they bring are so disappointing for the joy they hold is held only until we are awakened to dissatisfaction and the growing, gnawing of more. Have we mistakenly bought into the system which says greater happiness in life is obtaining more?

Or could it be the more we have been looking for is our soul crying out for a relationship which only Jesus can provide. Having less and letting go of material gain could be exactly what sets us free. When we obsess about having more, we find the material things soon own us and we need it to find pleasure. But buying this lie will only imprison us but letting go is where we find true contentment and joy. The need for more is a soul crying out for real answers which Jesus can daily provide.

Today in the Workplace

Is there anything owning you?