Breaktime: Hopeless No More

“For those who are evil will be destroyed, but those who hope in the Lord will inherit the land.” Psalm 37:9

There is such a contrast between evil and hope. When people are walking in evil as their everyday motive, their end will be destruction. However, those who walk in the hope of the Lord, theirs will be inheritance of the land. This is a contrast between light and dark. It may appear in our day that darkness is prevailing and when we look at it long enough our hope starts to diminish. David understood this thought.

Hope is what allows us to see the darkness and yet focus on the light. It is what helps us and motivates us to continue moving forward in a dark world. Without hope being tested it wouldn’t be hopeless. Hope is what the Lord pours out: but not necessarily always what we are hoping for. Sometime the valleys can be fearful and yet God calls us to trust in Him. It may not always be smooth sailing, but hope allows us to ride out the storm trusting in God’s promises. Hope is where we stand even though no one is standing with us.

Hope is what will increase our perspective on our future and give us insights into living an eternal lifestyle. If we are convinced God is giving us the land of eternity, then we live today with that perspective. The evil, however, get caught up in their home being here and are motivated to gain whatever they can, no matter what. We have an eternal home, but we get to walk in our riches being blessed each day because we are surrounded by God’s presence. Keep looking to the hope we have, Our Savior.

Today in the Workplace:

What happens when you lose sight of hope?