Love and Faithfulness

Love and Faithfulness

Your love, Lord, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies. Psalm 36:5

The love of God reaches beyond the lines we have drawn. His love covers all our sin and reaches into the depths of our conscience to awaken us to His presence. He loves us with a love that goes beyond human senses or understanding. We begin to participate when we practice His presence and realize His depths go beyond what we imagine.

God doesn’t quit on us, like the love some have known. His love doesn’t fluctuate because of disappointments or lack of response. He remains true to who He is −faithful. His love and faithfulness are the truest forms of reality we have.

Without God’s love, there would be no meaning or purpose in life. Many miss God’s love because they try to fill their heart with a lesser form of love, the kind of love which is conditional. God invites all of us into a relationship with Him, to daily live in His presence of love and faithfulness. It is difficult to imagine the God, whose love cannot be contained to this side of heaven and goes beyond what we deserve, pours Himself out for us −will we receive?

Today in the Workplace:

Do you make room each day to receive God’s love?