Quiet Moments

Quiet moments
Even on their beds they plot evil; they commit themselves to a sinful course and do not reject what is wrong. Psalm 36:4

Now instead of praying for dreams and visions, the evil plot their next schemes before heading off to sleep. There is no rest for the wicked because there is much to be controlled and worried about. They meditate on their next plan of action and find no reason to reject anything that is wrong. How sad a heart is where evil is present because there is no release even in bed the mind is continuing in rage.

What are we found thinking about in our quiet moments before rest? The conscience of those who plot evil has been deadened against evil and it is his love. This man doesn’t hate the wrong he has architected in his mind because it’s his creation.

The mind is where many sins begin to grow. However, this is also the place the Holy Spirit lives with us. He advises us to take every thought captive that is contrary to Him. The moment we begin to process evil, it begins to work its searing on our conscience. But we have the Spirit who is prodding us to flee and come back to the truth with Him. Thankfully, He doesn’t give up reminding us He is there: that is why it is so important we continue practicing His presence in the quiet moments.

Today in the Workplace:

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