2019 KCWN Music Madness Contest!


We took a break in 2018, but we’re back in 2019 with the KCWN Music Madness contest! Eight pairs of songs (16 total) will face off in daily match-ups; at the beginning of the contest you’ll tell us who you think is going to win in this Facebook post, then each day vote on Facebook for your favorite song for that day - we’ll have daily prizes to give away, and at the end of the contest, everyone who picked the winner at the start of the contest will be entered into a drawing to win 2 VIP tickets to the Unspoken “Just Give Me Jesus” concert event on April 12th at Gateway Nazarene in Oskaloosa with North Point Insideout and Catie Hurst.

So who do you think will win the KCWN 2019 Music Madness contest? Post your pick on Facebook between now and March 10th; the first day of voting will be Monday, March 11th!

Have fun and share hope everyone!