Breaktime: Saying Yes

“Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him and he will do this.” Psalm 37:5

The two commands David gives us in this passage are to commit and trust. Committing our ways to the Lord is an everyday occurrence. We daily admit our life belongs to God, and that He is the one leading us. We don’t proceed forward and then Commit−we surrender all our ways. We keep ourselves from compartmentalizing our life, but we commit them to the Lord. We don’t keep portions of our heart for ourselves, but daily we practice intentionally and thoughtfully give them to God.

David also asks us to trust in God. It takes more than an hour on Sunday morning to cultivate a trusting relationship. When we take the time to develop a connection with the Lord, it is natural to have confidence in our walk. We daily practice His presence, and we become more aware when we let go of the perpetual noise and practice silencing ourselves with God.

This is not easy in a loud, distracting world. There are many things diverting our attention away from God, distractions that keep us from growing in committing our way to the Lord. Commitment is a daily heart issue: we say yes to what we want to be important in our life. Wouldn’t it be awesome if God could hear us saying yes?

Today in the Workplace:

Are you saying yes?