Breaktime: Finding Enjoyment Everyday

“Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” Psalm 37:4

All too often this verse gets twisted up in our flesh, to conform to our desired meaning. Such as, “God will give you the desire of your heart−just ask.” We skip over the command and try to receive the promise, then when it's not heard we may even resort to pouting. But maybe none of us have this issue.

Could this mean we delight ourselves in God and He brings enjoyment to our heart? Our heart changes when God becomes the center of our joy, and we see God. When we find pleasure in reading His Word and being with His people, we receive great enjoyment from praying and listening to God's voice. As a result of being with God, our desires change to pleasing Him. Our perspective changes even in our prayer life, because now we have tasted and seen that the Lord is good!

On the other hand, those who stay away from His Word and His church−the people of God- soon find their happiness changing. When we stay away from having a conversation with God, how can we find enjoyment with Him? We delight in God because we are spending meaningful times with Him, discovering who He is. We come to Him not because we need anything, but to find pleasure in His presence rather than the temporary satisfaction of this world. We may be missing more than what we can imagine if we are not delighting ourselves in God.

Today in the Workplace:

Are you enjoying God?