Breaktime: Envy No More

"Do not fret because of those who are evil or be envious of those who do wrong." Psalm 37:1

What a temptation it is to look at what others have been given and realize what we are lacking. This is envy at its worst when we are starring at evil and resent what they have. It most likely shows up in the form of material gain and pleasures where jealousy has taken hold. Looking at what others have an blind us to what we have been given or leave us wanting more.

It may even look like prosperity has taken hold of the evil we are around because they have power, wealth, fame and fortune. The question of God’s goodness may even come rushing in our mind and we may even dwell on the fortunate ways of others and ask why. Why don’t we have the fame, fortune and future that others have. It may come on us ever so slightly but begin to grow into a festering spot in our heart.

David gives the command not to fret or be envious of those who seem to be prosperous according to the world. The heart of the matter is envy and allowing it to grow can take our eyes from seeing God and on to the creation of God. Envy causes our idols to grow stronger in our heart and soon we find ourselves jealous over the gods of others. The answer has always been to flee when evil desires begin to grow and run to God. We will see clearly how blessed we are when we begin to seek God for who He is, regardless of what we have.

Today in the Workplace

Have you ever been guilty of envy? Why?