Timely Help - A lesson of faith from Corrie Ten Boom

My favorite Christian book of all time has to be “The Hiding Place” by Corrie Ten Boom. In the book, Corrie shares of her experience as a little girl when she went to visit a family in their Haarlem neighborhood whose young baby had just died. Corrie found herself gripped by terror as she touched the cold, lifeless body of the child; later that evening she was sobbing in bed as she thought about the scary unknowns of death.

Corrie’s father was a watchmaker and repairman by trade; he ran a small watch repair business in their Haarlem home, and as a young girl Corrie would sometimes travel with her father by train to the big city of Amsterdam, where her father would adjust his pocket watch to match the Naval Observatory clock, which would then be used to adjust all the watches and clocks in his shop.

Corrie’s father came up to her room and gently asked this question, “Corrie, when we go to Amsterdam, when do we get the ticket?” “Why Father, you get the tickets right before we get onto the train!” Her father then answered, “So it is with our heavenly Father Corrie; he knows exactly what we need, and when the time comes, he will provide.”

Now I’m not sure if I got all the wording exactly right, but that’s the basic gist of the story. Max Lucado takes a similar position in his devotional titled “Timely Help.” He shares about traveling by air with his daughters when they were young. Their tickets to get on the plane were always held safely in his briefcase; Max would stand between his daughters and the flight attendant, giving each girl their ticket at the exact moment it was needed!

So it is with God and our needs; Max says,

What I did for my daughters God does for you. He places himself between you and the need. And at the right time, he gives you the ticket. Wasn’t this the promise he gave his disciples? “When you are arrested and judged, don’t worry ahead of time about what you should say. Say whatever is given you to say at that time, because will not really be you speaking; it will be the Holy Spirit.” God leads us. He will do the right thing at the right time!

As we start this new week together, isn’t it comforting to know our Heavenly Father not only knows what we need, but provides those needs at just the right time - we’re in very good hands!