The July 19, 2018 Tornado at Vermeer - Interview with CFO Steve Van Dusseldorp


Hello KCWN Friends!

We know the Vermeer “family” is a big part of our audience - the Vermeer Corporation has supported the mission of KCWN since day 1, as have many Vermeer employees - and of course we have lots of Vermeer employees and family members who listen to the station!

Vermeer CFO Steve Van Dusseldorp

Vermeer CFO Steve Van Dusseldorp

Last week Thursday I (Ryan) had the chance to sit down and chat with Vermeer CFO Steve Van Dusseldorp about the tornado that tore through the Vermeer campus back on July 19, 2018. It’s a day anyone connected to Vermeer Corporation will never forget (my wife and kids were both on site when the storm hit), and Steve shares his experiences from that day along with the immediate aftermath, then gives us a glimpse of the unexpected opportunities this event has created for the company.

God’s hand was truly protecting so many on that day!

Tune in Monday morning at 11am to hear my interview with Steve; if you can’t catch it then the audio will be available on the KCWN SoundCloud audio archive.