Breaktime: Finding the Way

“May the foot of the proud not come against me, nor the hand of the wicked drive me away.” Psalm 36:11

This verse is another great daily prayer for us as we walk surrounded by egos every day. Even our own ego cries out at times to be noticed and fulfilled. Pride raises it head and desires to be noticed. It sneaks in and tries to get us to participate with its ever so slight temptations. But like David, praying the foot of pride won’t even come against me is a great way to begin our day. Warding it off before it begins is like putting a fence in a yard to stop the wandering predators.

However, humility is the doorway of escape. Walking through the entryway may feel like defeat but on the other side we know it’s the right way. Few may find this way because pride may seem like the right answer to our daily ego encounters.

Humility is always the way to living in the daily presence of God. Pride is a sure way to try and do life apart from God. It the very presence of this obstacle which keep us pursuing life in our own strength and stubbornly persisting our own way. It could be time to enter into daily living through another door, the doorway of humility which admits our need for God− a sure way to ward off pride.

Today in the Workplace:

Do you struggle doing life your way?