Breaktime: A Daily Prayer

“Continue your love to those who know you, your righteousness to the upright in heart.” Psalm 36:10

Here is our daily prayer. Our heart is a place which needs constant attention, because it has many interferences in daily living. There is always someone or something which is trying to distract the love that God is pouring into our heart. His love is constant, and oh how we need his daily reminders. If we aren’t in need of God’s relentless love something is missing.

God doesn’t give up on us and He is constant in His pursuit, but He often finds us distracted or trying to pursue meaningless tasks. We all have a void and trying to fill it is a daily encounter. We may have uncovered the only source which brings contentment is God’s constant love.
A heart that is seeking after God is a heart to which God continues revealing His love. And when we taste his delight living in us, we no longer desire an inferior love. We need God’s continued love to be our constant source of strength. His love will be exactly what fulfills the power-hungry egos we may have.

Today in the Workplace:

Pray this verse for your prayer today.