Breaktime: Turning on the Light

“For with you is the fountain of life; in your light we see light.” Psalm 36:9

Nothing is better than to find a light switch in a dark room−it alleviates so much stress and fear. Trying to walk in the dark opens us up to stumbling and falling even to the place of pain. Without light in a dark world the temptations may be to go with the flow and walk around blindly. If we can’t see the light all we become familiar with is the darkness.

God brought His Word to us so revelation could be given. Our eyes become open to unanswered questions and we find a longing for more light. When we try and find solutions to life apart from the Word, we remain in the dark. But each time we open the Word light is turned on and life begins to make sense. We begin to see as if our eyes have been opened to truth.

When we try and respond to life apart from the Word of God and when we exclusively rely upon human understanding, we may grow in frustration and stress. The best of answers can be found in the Words of the Creator. But often it may take times of testing and darkness to realize the answer we are looking for is just pages away. May we be the people who are turning the light on everywhere we go because we have become people who are opening the Word of God. It’s like inviting God’s presence into all situations.

Today in the Workplace:

Will you invite His presence in?