Are You Thirsty?

Are you Thirsty?
“They feast on the abundance of your house; you give them drink from your river of delights.” Psalm 36:8

Many people walk around hungry and thirsty, and yet have no idea where to find satisfaction. In our attempts, we feast off the things of this world only to end up hungrier than when we started. When we try and feed our flesh, it only becomes an irresistible baby crying for more. The only problem is the baby doesn’t stop crying because the food of this world is leading to malnutrition.

We can put an end to the midnight crying by feeding our soul food from the feast God provides daily. His table is laid out each day and the doors of his feast room are open all day long. This table consist of water which is poured into our soul and leaves us hungry, but only for more of Him. The bread which He offers, He himself provided for us.

We can walk into His presence moment by moment and find all the nourishment our soul is craving. We do this by acknowledging with our heart and soul our need for His love to fill us. Imagine this table being brought before us each day as the Word of God, and He opens Himself up for communication through prayer. Our inner baby which continues to cry will be satisfied when we walk into His house and feast.

Today in the Workplace:

Will you seek Him out today?