Price Tag

Price Tag

“How priceless is your unfailing love, O God! People take refuge in the shadow of your wings.” Psalm 36:7

We often determine the worth of an object by the price tag it carries. We will find ourselves even determining what we will purchase by the price on the ticket. The consumer often looks for the best deal on the best product. We want to make a deal to stretch our budget.

But when it comes to non-material things of life such as relationships, we still place a price tag on their worth to us. However this is done differently in the view of our Creator, He looks at us and sees us all at the same value. His love cannot be measured or contained because it is priceless. The price God put on His love us was shown through Jesus. God’s love for us and the very character of His actions and ways is a priceless love.

When we take refuge in His shadows, we can be assured we are covered by priceless love. The love which will not fail us, His children. God doesn’t abandon or reject us based on our performance or even if we return His love. Priceless love is a love which cannot be measured by our own understanding because it goes beyond what we can know or calculate. This makes it difficult at times to receive His love simply because we cannot put it in a nice comfortable spot…IT is priceless

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