Living in the Presence

I have a message from God in my heart concerning the sinfulness of the wicked: There is no fear of God before their eyes. Psalm 36:1

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When sin lives in the heart, the eyes are tainted, and they see the world through a lens other than God. Sin blinds the eyes from seeing the spiritual blessings God want to pour in our lives. The fear of God leads us to see and understand the world through His eyes. The message David was getting was a clearer picture of the life of someone without God. Wickedness is the fruit of someone living apart from God.

When we walk with God His ways are always before us, and as a result, holiness is lived out. We who walk in His presence and are aware of our sin quickly come to repentance, because we are aware of God. Being aware of God opens our eyes to see the world through His vision, which keeps us aware of the unrighteousness surrounding us. However, it keeps our eyes on Him which leads us to holiness.

Wickedness is the fruit of this world apart from God, and yet we walk here. How do we keep our hands clean in a world filled with temptation and sin? It’s not by our behavior that has rescued our ways but it’s through Jesus we have found another way. We are aware of Him all around us and now chose to follow even when the flesh may be tempted to do otherwise. It’s living every moment realizing the presence of the Light even in dark places.

Today in the Workplace:

How do you follow in a dark world?

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