Breaktime: Greatness Is

Greatness is…

Great is the LORD, and most worthy of praise, in the city of our God, his holy mountain. Psalm 48:1

We all have our definitions of what true greatness looks and feels like. For many, importance is determined by money, fame, status, or any other fleeting icon. In a world filled with egocentric leaders and power-hungry people, greatness can soon lose its meaning. We, however, are meant to find greatness here, but it will look different than most.

When the Psalmist calls God great, I can't help but wonder if we stop long enough to linger on this meaning. It is difficult to comprehend such a great God, so many may try to find greatness in a more tangible way other than God. If we aren't careful, soon, we will settle for greatness, which is temporal and inadequate.

Greatness is not defined in any other way than in God. God alone is who and what defines greatness. When we look towards God and seek Him, we find the definition of greatness. How we chose to define greatness will determine what and who we seek. We have to be cautious, though; we are not settling for anything other than the greatness of God in all we do. God is the answer for this to become a great life. He is the answer to defining what true greatness looks like, and He invites us to experience it with Him.

Today in the Workplace

How do you define greatness?