Breaktime: The Greatest of all Powers

The Greatest of All Powers

The nobles of the nations assemble as the people of the God of Abraham, for the kings of the earth belong to God; he is greatly exalted. Psalm 47:9

Nothing can compare to the majesty of the Lord. Even the greatest of greats will assemble and praise Him because God is exalted above all authority; even the kings are His.

Do you ever wonder why we struggle with fighting for power when it belongs to God? Even in the church, people can become power-hungry and make decisions-based on what will feed their ego. Some can become so egocentric that they actually believe their power makes them stronger. People have bought into the lie that they can feel better about themselves because of the power they have accrued.

If power is what creates in us a sense of accomplishment, then what happens when it's gone? Power doesn’t belong to us, for we submit to God’s authority and walk humbly with the opportunities God provides. With this perspective, we no longer have to spend time fulfilling our ego. With all the time we save, we can serve with God’s exceedingly higher power alive in us and give Him all the glory. So no more fuss over who is more powerful for the decision has already been made, and we get to live in His power.

So today, if you are looking for power −submit to the all-powerful and walk humbly with Him. You will accomplish great things for God’s glory.

Today in the Workplace

What power are you looking for?