Breaktime: God is in the Midst

God is in the Midst

God has ascended amid shouts of joy, the LORD amid the sounding of trumpets. Psalm 47:5

The Lord returns with shouts of joy. This passage is a great visual of the ascension of Jesus returning home after His long victorious battle. Jesus entered the world with angels singing and exiting the same with voices exclaiming gratefulness.

Everyday life is a battle, and the cries go before the King each day. There are some of us shouting victory to the King even today, while some who are crying tears of defeat. No matter where we are today, this is the place where Jesus has already won. It may not feel like the winning is happening, but He has already provided each of us with success.

Much of this winning is not seen outwardly through our circumstances but what is provided on the inside to win the battles. The provision Jesus gives is beyond what can be explained with anything other than faith. When our eyes are fixed on Jesus during the struggle, we can envision all that He is providing for us. Jesus has won the battle we are in, but can we see how to take hold of the win? Take hold of the cross; it is where our victory lies for He died to give us life.

Today in the Workplace

What battles do you need the Savior to fight?