Breaktime: Giving it all Up

Giving it all Up

He chose our inheritance for us, the pride of Jacob, whom he loved. Psalm 47:4

It is one thing to sing the good old song I surrender all and yet another to live it out. It is one thing to say I give my heart to the Lord and hold back our fortunes. The Lord's name is challenging because it means we trust Him with all, even our inheritance.

Our role is to submit our will, our choices, our desires totally to God, and this process becomes more comfortable the more we understand the Lord. When we know His Words and allow them to be our deciding factors, we step into surrender. Imagine each day working in what God chooses for us instead of our striving to gain inheritance here. The things of this world will soon disappear.

There is nothing God desires more than our best. However, this may not look anything like what the world reveals as success. The inheritance God gives outlasts any of the temporal pleasures the world may present. So the question to answer is, can we give it all up and let go of our comfortable choice and allow God to give us His best? One of the challenging things to make go of is our ego.

Today in the Workplace

What needs to be given up