Breaktime: Let's Make Some Noise

Let’s make some Noise

Clap your hands, all you nations; shout to God with cries of joy. Psalm 47:1

What excites us often leads us to shout and show some sort of emotion. Now for some of us, it may not be shouting and crying, but was the Psalmist crazy when He said to clap, shout and cry?

We have all heard words of encouragement trying to get us to show some outward excitement about God, from a well-meaning worship leader. Often these words fall upon deaf ears, especially the ones comparing the enthusiasm of sports events to the worship of our God. Was David then another one of those worship leaders insisting on us revealing our heart from God in an enthusiastic way?

There is no amount of guilt that is going to get anyone to be moved demonstratively for the Lord. And because others may demonstrate such enthusiasm, it is no indication of their adoration for the Lord. Our worship of God is a matter of the heart and if our love for God is a flame, there will be adoration that cannot be contained. Our worship is one way we can reveal to God our love. David was right then by saying clap, shout, and cry but allow our heart to be the guide. It may not look proper or even feel right, but none of this is truly matters. What matters is our heart before God, in total freedom of expression.

Today in the Workplace

What is your heart saying? Is it free?