Thoughts about mom...

Normally I blog about my devotional for the day, but on this Thursday my mind is blank and heart heavy. At 6am this morning my mom (Marge Zondervan) sent out a health update via e-mail. In August she learned her cancer had returned, and this time the doctors could only offer to treat, not cure, her disease. As you can imagine I and many, many others have been lifting up my mom before the Lord and asking for healing. The update contained some sad news - the spot on her right lung was the same, but the one on her left lung was getting bigger. Her oncologist started her on a weekly chemo IV infusion to see if that can stop the progression.

The main thought running through my head is that I’m not ready for mom to go; emotionally at the moment I’m twisted up like a knot inside - mind racing and no appetite. While sifting through my email inbox earlier one message caught my eye from Crosswalk - “10 Prayers to Help You Exchange Anxiety and Fear for Peace.” So far I’m only on #1, but it couldn’t be better timed.

Prayer #1 states, “Remember: God is not the source of anxiety or fear.” Here are the words of the prayer:

Father God,

I know you are not the source of fear and anxiety. That is Satan’s realm, and he delights in causing your children pain. You do not torment us with worrisome thoughts or burden our hearts with fretfulness. You are the God of peace. You desire to give me power over my worries as I count on your love and trust in your sovereign care.

Help me remember, when fears and anxiety come knocking at my heart’s door, to answer with powerful Scripture—to remember you are a good God and faithful, and you will help me challenge my worries with life-building truth instead of destructive thoughts. Your peace will guard my heart and mind in Jesus’ name.