Breaktime: Daily Intake

Daily Intake

Listen, daughter, and pay careful attention: Forget your people and your father’s house. Psalm 45:10

Listening is a long sought after skill which the Lord is requiring. We hear many words a day and can accept many of them as a way of life. But when our ears are bent towards hearing God, He becomes the authority and voice we listen to. God is asking us to renounce the world and turn towards Him. If we give up the ties of the sinful nature and its influences, it will help us open our ears to His voice. Shutting off the noises which pull us away from the truth will open us up to receive the voice of grace.

Stop, reflect, and ask yourself −where do I get my information and who is influencing the direction of your life. For most, we don’t spend a lot of time listening to what direction the Lord has. We may go to church on Sunday, then live content not opening ourselves back up to receive guidance from the Lord. Then we may call out again when a tragedy strikes asking for God’s intervention.

For most, we are satisfied with a once a week feeding and then by the following Sunday come into church starved. God desires for us to shut out the influence of the world by receiving His guidance daily. We keep coming back and listening for further instruction instead of just taking a weekly dose. We can live in constant unity if we desire to. What is your desire?

Today in the Workplace

Are you paying attention to what the Lord is saying daily?