Strength in Betrayal

Strength in Betrayal

They repay me evil for good and leave me like one bereaved. Psalm 35:12

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David found himself in a place of betrayal from those who were once his companions and now they have turned on him. He found the one-time confidant is now a betrayer. Who can imagine the pain and agony David must have experienced? It could have been much like the heart pain when Jesus was kissed by Judas. When evil touches pure good it leaves its marks on our heart.

Even today, we live in a world of betrayers with people we may have connected our hearts with and now they have a divided heart. This happens every day and all too often instead of reaching out to the Lord for pain relief, we turn toward another substitute. We can reach for many things to numb pain instead of turning to God in honesty and realness.

One thing about David is he was man enough to realize betrayal hurts and he kept his heart right on the table with God. It takes strength to admit the pain and accept Gods healing for all situations of life and if not, we walk with a calloused and bruised heart. We may not even realize our woundedness but watch how we treat others −it’s always a great indicator. If we betray others it could be, we are dealing with an unattended wound.

Today in the workplace

Do you need to expose any wound to the Lord before you hurt someone?