What to do when Falsely Accused

Ruthless witnesses come forward; they question me on things I know nothing about. Psalm 35:11

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David knew the persecution of being treated unfairly and to be wrongly accused. He kept his heart pure, but his adversaries were falsely saying things to taint his reputation. David knew firsthand what it was like to have people revolt against him to ruin him.

However, even the accusers could not darken the motives of David’s heart nor the adversaries make his hands dirty no matter how hard they tried. David fully relied on God knowing He was the One who could see His heart and his actions.

There may be instances in our lives where we are falsely accused. It may not be as extreme as David’s accusers, but the pain can be the same. One way to remain at peace is to keep our hands clean and know God sees it all. He knows our innocence even if others are condemning us. Man may judge the outward appearance of situations, but God can see the heart. He knows the real actions of a person and keeping yourself from retaliation is a great place to start. It is well with our soul when our hands are so clean and there is not a trace of sin or dirt on them.

Today in the Workplace

How are your hands?