How to Live Selflessly

Yet when they were ill, I put on sackcloth and humbled myself with fasting. When my prayers returned to me unanswered. Psalm 35:13

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An amazing perspective on how to treat our enemies −prayer. David took on the pain of his enemy and with earnestness wore sackcloth which was a common expression of grief. He didn’t experience joy when his enemies were sick, but he burdened for their suffering. He didn’t allow his selfishness to dictate his ways but remained in total selflessness.

It may not be as difficult as we imagine leading a selfless life if we realize all the advantages we may have. We would no longer carry around the offensives and cruelties of others. We would easily forgive and allow grudges to be freed of their power. We would find loving others a constant power to overcome all the hurt of the enemy. We could discover the light heart we could have about the intended attacks of our character. We become enlightened about a higher way of living −strife-free.

Wouldn’t we rather live this way than living with the constant reminders of how sorely we have been treated? Taking the same energy which wants to live in pity and turn towards serving those who bring harm to us. We are invited each day to lead a selfless life and the Holy Spirit is there giving us the strength to put on sackcloth and grieve when our enemies are ill.

Today in the Workplace

How is your selfless heart?