A Praising Heart

My tongue will proclaim your righteousness, your praises all day long. Psalm 35:28

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David reveals how He chooses to use his tongue during controversy. There are many situations of life that bring heartache, pain, and confusion and many leave us depleted. David chooses another approach besides negativity or complaining −he chooses praise.

What are we choosing to proclaim? Are we setting our heart on the rightness of God even in a wrong or terrible situation? God could easily get blamed for the situations of life, and many times our words may resort to accusing God. Complaining only leads us to see what is wrong, but often is done in a desperate attempt to make our situation better. If all we can see is how wrong life is, how can we possibly begin to see what God is doing?

Praise helps us to open our eyes and see what we may be missing. It doesn’t determine the outcome of our situation, but it does help us to see God. When praise is how we approach life’s difficulties, it could help spare a crushed spirit which leads to a negative tongue. Notice David praises God all day long −praise was his way of life.

Today in the Workplace:

How can you praise God?