Taking Care of Your Soul

Then my soul will rejoice in the Lord and delight in his salvation. Psalm 34:9

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Why did David find the need to state,” then my soul will rejoice?” It seems there were certain conditions when David could find joy in the Lord. Hardly so as David turns away from praying for his enemies to the face of God and finds unbroken joy in its place. Joy awaited him as he turned to the understanding of the justice of God and his face now sees God above it all and finds joy filling his heart. He didn’t rejoice because of the destruction of his enemies, instead he rejoiced because of his salvation.

Our souls are a tender place and when all they can see is the destruction of the enemy, they can become downcast. If all our prayers are turned towards warfare, we can miss the joy and when we know our prayers are being heard and God is in control, praise should fill the soul.

We can spend too much time focusing on the enemy that we fly right by the joy of the Lord. We can become so discouraged over what the enemy may be up to that we forget praise pushes the enemy back. David had a healthy balance of praying for the enemy and still praising God in the midst. He knew God had not left the throne and His power is still stronger against anything the enemy might try and pull. Praise puts the enemy in the right perspective and keeps the soul rejoicing, despite our circumstances

Today in the Workplace

It is time to praise.

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