Praying for Your Enemies

may ruin overtake them by surprise— may the net they hid entangle them, may they fall into the pit, to their ruin. Psalm 35:8

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It is disturbing to imagine the image of hell, but one wonders if it’s much like this verse. When evil overtakes a person, it becomes what they pursue and at times, this happens without thinking or processing the consequences. Consequently, often they fall into their own trap as they become so entangled in their own sin there seems to be no way out. They become suffocated with the evil of their own planning and they are stuck in their own trap. They bring their own cursing on themselves.

David prayed that the very traps the enemy had set before him would be the one they would fall into. He didn’t allow them to overcome his heart or mind, but he brought them before the Lord for retribution. David didn’t participate with the evil but brought it before the Lord for Him to deal with it as He had planned.

Often the temptation is to allow the evil of others to overcome us. We allow their ways to lay heavy on our mind and heart to the place we may be tempted to participate. We may think the best course of action is to set the trap for them to fall into or allow anger to grow in our heart. The best place to bring the evil of this world is to the throne room of God and allow Him to expose their ways. We are told to pray for our enemies before they overtake us. This was a bold prayer David prayed for his enemies− what do you need to pray for today?

Today in the workplace

How are you praying for your enemies?