Weekend Rundown at KCWN - January 26/27, 2019

Say hello to the final (very chilly!) weekend in January 2019! Here are some programming highlights for the upcoming weekend:


20 The Countdown Magazine with Jon Rivers (11am - 1pm Saturday): Pat Barrett is featured in the ARTIST SPOTLIGHT! Find out the inspiration behind the song "Build My Life." JON'S FUTURE FAVORITE is a song from Matthew West. It's called "Mercy Is A Song." Plus, go behind the music of Tauren Wells, The Afters, and Lauren Daigle - AND - we have a new #1 song! Who might it be... tune in to find out!


Worship with Andy Chrisman (Saturday 6 - 8pm and Sunday 11am - 1pm): All the best modern praise/worship music, with lots of familiar faces and a bunch of new ones as well! You can check out the entire playlist here!


“The Amen Hour” 2pm every Sunday afternoon - this week we’re featuring a message from Pastor Timothy Keller titled “A Promise of Hope” from his 1998 sermon series on the book of Genesis.

At 5pm we bring you another message from The Way in Newton - Robbie Robinson shares message #18 from the Gospel of John.

All the usual is there as well - Weekend Magazine from Focus on the Family, the best of Lisa Williams and Brant Hansen, Parenting Today’s Teen - The Weekend Edition, Third Church, and all the best Christian music in South Central Iowa, right here on 99.9, Where Hope Shines!