They sneer at me and say, “Aha! Aha! With our own eyes, we have seen it.” Psalm 35:21

An evil heart sees what it wants such as images of their enemy. If not true, they begin to believe what evil has brewed up in the mind. The pictures of the heart of an evil man are what they determine, it's not based on truth, but rather malice. The intentions of the enemies of David were to do evil regardless of the proof of innocence.

Not many of us may have such enemies plotting evil on us but there may be some boasting of our falling or tripping over our own mistakes. Some people enjoy the downfall of others simply because in their minds', they believe it makes them appear better. It is interesting how David took care of his heart in spite of the many malicious attempts to destroy him.

The enemy is naturally after the heart or the motive of man. If he can prod us enough to anger or spite, he has begun the process of demeriting the heart. When we allow the actions of others to determine how our heart will respond, we have given him access to the enemy’s ploy. He enjoys watching us in conflict over the actions and words of those who dislike us. If he can get us to carry an offense instead of forgiving, he is well on his way to allotting malice to fill our heart. The answer for David was allowing God the space to do what God does −His grace allows us to forgive and let go.

Today in the Workplace

Are you carrying around an offense?

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