Mart Green on Life’s Greatest Investment Opportunity - A Perspective on Eternal Rewards

I grew up in the church, so the whole idea of saved/not saved as it relates to faith in Christ is a very familiar concept. However, much less familiar was the whole idea of eternal rewards - Paul discusses them very clearly, but in the church of my youth - and later my senior high youth group - I don’t recall the issue ever being discussed. You either got to heaven and had an awesome future awaiting, or you went to hell and… well you know the rest.

In the fall or 1991 I started my freshman year of college at Moody Bible Institute in downtown Chicago. It was here that several of my professors began a deep dive into the arena of eternal rewards, and the whole idea that we can be saved yet still experience a loss of sorts when we get to heaven. Years later, in the thick of my battle with chronic pain, I read Randy Alcorn’s book about Heaven and went even deeper onthe topic (It’s the longest book I’ve ever read - I think it took me a year and a half to finish!).

Now the specifics of what exactly those rewards are going to be isn’t made clear in Scripture - we just know that they’ll last for eternity and are very much worth the investment and sacrifice here on this earth. What we will gain will far, far outweigh anything we will lose in the process.

With all of this knowledge I have to admit the whole topic still feels a bit esoteric and “out there” - especially in this life stage with young kids and what feels like the same-old, same-old routine day in and day out. How can much of anything I do these days be worth much from an eternal perspective? Perhaps in this season being faithful in those little things, day in and day out, instead of indulging my own wants and desires, is storing up eternal rewards.

Mart Green is the CEO of Hobby Lobby and a devoted follower of Christ. He’s featured in a blog entry by Randy Alcorn titled “Mart Green on Life’s Greatest Investment Opportunity,” where he talks about eternal rewards. Green says, “God wants us to think in terms of E.R.O.I. – Eternal Return On Investment. Only three things last forever: God, His word, and the souls of men and women. Today is another chance we have to live our lives in light of eternity and give our lives for what will last forever.

As we start a new year together, let’s strive together to make 2019 a time of gathering much treasure that will last for eternity and bring God a whole lot of glory in the process!