God's Timing

How long, Lord, will you look on? Rescue me from their ravages, my precious life from these lions. Psalm 35:17

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David felt God knew his request but was taking His time to step in and rescue him. He knew God could see but his hands were not responding in David’s time. How often have we felt like God wasn’t interested in our trials with others? How long is he going to allow the gossip and slander to continue or do we need to step in?

These questions may come to mind when we are waiting on God to rescue us from the words of others. God’s timing is something we try and live in but all too often it is not like ours. God is doing more behind the scenes then what we can see. He may be responding according to our prayers, but He is often working with the hardness of heart. He is still in control and faithful even though we may not be.

David looked at his life as precious, yet lions were attacking him and he needed a Savior to protect him. God was rescuing David’s heart from participating in the slighting they were bringing to him. He didn’t use his tongue to force evil on them, but instead, we see him praying for them. How about us, do we grow weary waiting on God to step in and if so, how do we respond? Do we get in a hurry and insist on doing it our way and resort to the same tactics as those around us that caused the pain?

Today in the Workplace

What are you waiting for God to do?