A Response to Unanswered Prayer

A Response to Unanswered Prayer

I will give you thanks in the great assembly; among the throngs I will praise you. Psalm 35:18

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David was just reminding God He was taking a long time to answer his prayer. However, now He is reminded to give thanks and praise. David’s heart turns quickly to the source of his strength as he waits on God. David was not ashamed of serving God who works according to his time frame, but David unashamedly starts praying. He could easily start to withdraw his acknowledgment of God because He was still walking through the adversity of others.

Giving thanks and praise was consistent in David’s life and he didn’t care who heard him or witnessed his form of praise. He didn’t wait for the answer to pray he praised despite the answer. How about us, what is our reaction when God isn’t responding? Praise could be the immediate fix for a heart which is disappointed in the timing of God. When we start praising, it reminds the heart again of the love of God and His unfailing love.

When we start giving thanks, our heart becomes a generous place and we lose the entitlement we thought we deserved. We begin to declare thankfulness instead of shouting out disappointments with God. Gratefulness opens our eyes to see what God has been doing all along the way.

Today in the Workplace

Take a minute and praise!