Here it is, the middle of January, and I’m just now picking my 2019 word. Let me explain why it took me a while to land on the right word. For some reason, I’m having a hard time getting started on lots of things this year. I’ve been asked to do a few things at church and my underwhelming answer has been, Meh…maybe.. Maybe I don't feel ready to launch into a new year and set new goals, it’s not like 2018 was my favorite year and I don’t’ want to see it go! I just know I’m off to a slow start and giving myself Grace to do exactly that.

Another reason for the late choice, last years word was a good one! I need my word to be rather unique so that it’s memorable. I have to admit that more often than not, I have forgotten half way through the year what my word even was, which makes it really not that important. So if I’m going to have a word, I need to make it count. 2018 my word was Ratchet. Unique right? And I remembered it! I also had the opportunity whenever asked to explain my word. I choose ratchet because of the function of a ratchet wrench. If you look it up, this tool is used to turn something in a steady forward motion. That’s what I wanted for my year, a slow, steady, forward motion in so many areas1 Better health, deeper relationships, more spiritual growth, all these things and more steadily moving forward. Ratchet.

So with great thought and study, the word for this year is Calibrate. By definition, it means to check or rectify. to determine the correct range for by observing where the fired projectile hits. I told Pastor Steve my word and he said, oh yes, I know about Calibration from my Coast Guard days! Two things we had to calibrate, the radar and the compass. And I thought YES! Even more so, that makes sense to me! In this coming year, I want to be able to calibrate my life when circumstance try to take me off course. I want to respond in a way that keeps me centered on Jesus as my true North..He is my compass and my direction! If my radar and compass are thrown off by the things around me, it won’t be long before my life is turning in the wrong direction. I can make plans to do this or that, but we all know, life happens and we’re left adjusting to a new normal. I want to calibrate each day back to Jesus, in spite of the circumstance, always pointing back to him.

So that’s my word for 2019. Calibrate. I think I’m going to remember it.