The Words of Others

The Words of Others
But when I stumbled, they gathered in glee; assailants gathered against me without my knowledge. They slandered me without ceasing. Psalm 35:15

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Even though David prayed and grieved over the pain of his enemies, they stood to destroy him. The weapon of their choice was their tongue and how can such a small part of our body be a weapon of mass destruction?

James says it best when he compares our tongue to: A rudder controlling a large ship, a fire out of control, a restless evil and deadly poison James 3:1-9. The tongue holds the power to bring life or death in every conversation. Many have believed words simply hold no power, but a word spoken presses its image upon our mind. When we hear negative words spoken about others how do we respond? Are we tempted to allow ourselves to participate with the words by mixing in our thought of criticism and if we do, the words we speak directly reveal the condition of our heart?

If we struggle to keep our tongue under control, it reveals that we need a heart fix. Often, we may feel a momentary pleasure speaking words about others because it helps soothe the pain of our unworthiness. But God has spoken into those words by revealing we are his child and beloved by Him. When our identity begins with who Jesus says we are, our tongue will follow. Our words reveal what we believe about ourselves.

Spurgeon even adds some enlightenment to the danger of the tongue: “A pack of dogs tearing their prey is nothing compared with a malicious gossip mauling the reputation of a worthy man.”

Today in the Workplace

How is your heart and your words?