No Compromise

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May those who seek my life be disgraced and put to shame; may those who plot my ruin be turned back in dismay. Psalm 35:4

David now pleas with God for vengeance on his enemies and he knew the power of shame and asked God to make it known to those who were seeking his life. Shame can convince us we are not good enough to be facing the day let alone a battle like David was facing. Shame would convince the enemy to disarm themselves and flee from pursuing David so take note, David was not seeking vengeance in his own strength but was asking God.

The enemy was coming against our God and was trying to destroy the work of good. There is no compromise with the enemies of today and we can’t resort to watered down truth and expect truth to prevail. God doesn’t compromise with evil so He sent Jesus to take it away. There is no bargaining with evil in our lives because its only plan is to take us down. Once evil has been given space through compromise it will continue to fight.

Truth in our day overcomes the enemy and we can’t bring vengeance upon the enemies ourselves, but we can certainly ask God to do what He will. Many times, the enemy flees when we stop compromising with truth.

David knew there was no compromise with the evil of his day, but are we as certain as David? There is no negotiation with darkness when we are walking in the light as it is a total overthrow. They can’t co-exist!

Today in the Workplace

Are you compromising with evil?