Our Unwilling Hearts and the Willingness of Christ

When we think of sin we often think of it in the active context - in other words, things that we do - greed, hatred, lust, and so on. However, that misses the whole picture, because sin can also reside in the arena of inactivity - our unwillingness to do the things we know are either right and/or God is asking us to do. When I stop and ponder what I am at times unwilling to do, I quickly realize I have great need to repent in this area.

In juxtaposition, as we ponder the miracle of Christmas one of the most amazing things about this familiar story is the willingness of Jesus. Randy Alcorn recently blogged about a book by Paul David Tripp titled “Come Let Us Adore Him” - in the book Tripp makes this point: So here’s what the Christmas story is all about: a willing Savior is born to rescue unwilling people from themselves because there is no other way.

If you need a fresh perspective on the often too familiar Christmas story, take a moment and read the entire blog post at Randy Alcorn’s website - or better yet, use some of that Christmas money and grab a copy of Paul David Tripp’s book!