The Aid of God

Take up shield and armor; arise and come to my aid. Psalm 35:2

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David’s plea was asking God to fight his battle with earthly tools he was familiar with. He depicted God as a mighty warrior fighting the good fight. He asked God to arise and go forth with his mighty weapons. What a beautiful picture of David’s image of God and he knew God would come to his aid.

One of the ways we can fight the battles we are in is through the same force — the power of prayer. The power to walk with God asking Him to fight the battle. God’s aid is beyond what we can imagine but often forfeited because faith is sleeping. God desires to care and fight for His children and He revealed our victory by sending Jesus. Jesus won the battle for us on the cross, but each day we are reminded to walk in the victory.

Jesus’ weapon is a cross and His blood covered the enemy’s ground. But the enemy still picks up his defeated weapons and comes after us trying to get us to doubt God is for us. The enemy tries to convince us we are defeated and left alone to fight. But the greatest weapon we have is prayer. Prayer calls God and his forces to stand and win all that is coming against us. If we are tired and looking for a way out of our battles the answer is prayer. David didn’t hesitate to ask God to come to his aid…are we?

Today in the Workplace

What are you asking God to do?