Interruptions - Finding Christ in the Midst of Christmas Crazy

It’s Monday morning and I am feeling frazzled. My wife was gone most of last week on a business trip, and returned home Friday evening with a terrible cold. Instead of getting a breather life actually got even more harried. This morning I rushed out the door to take the kids to school and day care, and completely forgot to 1) take my son’s blanket and gloves/hat and 2) dress him up for pajama day at Yellow Iron Academy. The night before was Third Church’s first-ever children’s Christmas program, and my 3-year old son absolutely refused to go anywhere near the stage… (Yes we got to be those parents) By about 9am this morning I felt like a complete failure.

Have you ever been there too, with life’s circumstances interrupting your well-laid plans or schedule, leaving your head spinning and feeling like you can’t even take moment to sit down and rest? God understands. So does Max Lucado - he has a great devotional for this Monday morning called “Interruptions.” When life gets crazy, Max reminds us of this simple truth - You cannot face a crisis if you don’t face God first. He then goes on to say, “God holds it all together. And he will hold it together for you!

On a day like today when I feel like I’m coming unglued, that’s exactly the kind of thing I need to hear. Maybe you do as well. Let’s face God together and find the “glue” we need to hold it all together this Christmas.