God's Nearness

"The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit." Psalm 34:18

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It is good to know we are not alone when our heart gets broken. We all go through times when life is hard, and sadness becomes filled with heartache. But often a broken heart thinks of God as far away but really His is near.

Often the brokenness we face is over the conflict of sin and realizing how painful it has become. When a heart is broken, it is often desperate to become fixed whether sin is the cause or heartache of another. When the heart hurts it is a vulnerable place to be, so we may be tempted to ignore its calling only to find it growing worse. Many times, we try and deny its pain because it only gets worse when we open it up.

But this will only cause the spirit to be crushed, and the only remedy is God breathing life back into the spirit. When a heart is crushed it does not feel like there is an answer to the pain. But God steps in and takes us step by step through the healing process. Allow God into the pain, because He can save us into a place of joy. In life, there will be heartache and pain. But there is someone who understands all about our pain even more than we do ourselves. Will we allow Him to minister to our need?

Today in the Workplace:

Where does it hurt, will you allow God to see?