The “Hope for a Baby” Tree - The Pain of Waiting and Our Hope in Jesus

His compassions never fail. They are new every morning; great is your faithfulness. Lamentations 3:22–23

Has there ever been a time in your life when you desired something that was genuinely good - something you felt sure God wanted as well? Maybe friends or family had shared a word from God that you were certain to receive the desires of your heart, while literally hundreds or thousands of prayers had been lifted up to God asking, pleading in faith for this thing to come to pass - and then it didn’t. What seemed so sure failed to materialize, maybe leaving you feeling confused, empty, and crushed, wondering if God was still there or if you’d heard him wrong.

I’ve been there; one issue in particular from my youth painfully sticks out, a desire for deliverance and healing in the areas of identity and sexual sin. God would eventually bring healing in that area in my life, but it took over 10 years of wandering in a barren wilderness to get there, and ultimately God’s healing looked a whole lot different (and so much better!) than my plans did so many years ago.

My devotional today comes from Our Daily Bread and is titled “The “Hope for a Baby” Tree".” The author shares the difficult story of expecting the arrival of an adopted child by Christmas, only to learn that the adoption had fallen through and there would be no baby. The author shares some very familiar feelings - “Devastated, I paused by the tree that had become a symbol of God’s provision. Was God still faithful? Was I doing something wrong?”

Can you relate? Do you feel like you’ve lost hope in the waiting? The author of today’s devotional has this to share - “At times, God’s apparent withholding results from His loving discipline. And other times God lovingly delays to renew our trust.” And the overall message of today’s lesson: The best reason for hope is God’s faithfulness.

Don’t lose hope - God is faithful!