Life Just God Easier

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Turn from evil and do good; seek peace and pursue it. Psalm 34:14

Living the good life is easier than we may think. When tempted to do evil, we should turn and do something good. The same amount of energy each of us has could be used to seek good or evil. Imagine using all the energy we have for seeking good. Be active and energetic in seeking good and turning the other way when anything of evil approaches. When the evil temptations come, turn and first immediately do something good. When we are doing good, we are avoiding evil.

When tempted to be disgruntled about the life we have been given, pursue peace constantly with God and everyone we meet. True peace can be found through the pursuit of love and peace and we must do more than talk about it. We must promote it with everything we have. Keep clear of the petty arguments which can lead to strife and discord but instead avoiding such things and find peace. Peace can be found when we look for it and scripture say it best, “Jesus is our peace”. Allow Jesus in all situations of life and there is peace.

David teaches such practical ways for everyday wisdom to live by, but the question is, will we pursue his teachings? Turning from evil gets easier each time we turn so let us turn the evil actions into good by doing good. How easy life just got by these two simple actions. It may not always be what the selfish part of us desires but again do good. The defeat of the enemy is won each time we do good and pursue peace.

Today in the workplace

What good action can you do today?